lunes, 6 de abril de 2015

Cover from French Antarctic Territory (Tromelin District)

French Antarctic Territory (Tromelin District) received on 6th April 2015 (Thank you very much Jean Pierre)

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  1. Hey Emilio!
    This is Karen from Cameroon! I just received your comment on my blog - I'll be sure to send you not one letter but three (one with a normal stamp, one aerogram, and one postcard). They might take a while to get there as I live in a remote village, but hopefully in about 2 months they should be at your doorstep. Best of luck!

  2. Hello Emilio! This is Alia from Timor-leste. it is nice to hear your story and appreciate your effort to learn other countries' culture by collecting stamps and postcards. I would be happy that someone from other country would like to be connected to our country. I will be happy to provide you the postcard from Timor-Leste via mai. Will let you know once I deliver the mail.
    Best regards!